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We support organisations to ethically drive growth and reduce their carbon footprint



Carbon Lens was created to provide a range of tools and services, demystify carbon management, and help organisations cut costs through carbon reduction strategies. 


Our team have been managing carbon for 25 years. There has never been a more positive time to make a difference. 


Using their combined experience, our founders developed a range of sophisticated carbon calculators to help you accurately track consumption costs, simplify reporting, and implement more

cost-effective operations. 



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  • Begin your journey to Carbon Neutrality with pinpoint carbon accounting

  • See all your consumption and costs in one place

  • Clarify what needs to be done to reduce your consumption costs

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  • Quickly and easily assess your position on energy, water, waste, purchasing, and transport

  • Visualise all your consumption, costs, and carbon

  • Profile, visualise, analyse, and utilise your carbon footprint

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  • We help you implement your cost-saving potential and achieve carbon neutral status

  • Tried and tested carbon reduction strategies

  • Reach ISO & PAS standard reporting and certification


Richard Bromley

Co-Founder and Director

Richard has over 25 years experience as an environmental consultant. He has an outstanding track record of working with organisations of all sizes to assess and manage their impact on the environment and improve resource efficiency.

Richard has written and implemented, environmental, quality and OHSAS management systems to ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and BS 18001 standards for a wide range of industries. 


He has also delivered reports and feasibility studies for resource efficiency and renewable energy projects and successfully registered complex renewable energy installations with OFGEM in order to claim Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) support.

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Dr Simon Forsyth

Co-Founder and Director

Simon began his career in environmental management in 1989 by offering to look after a paper-recycling bin. He moved on to bigger things: helping set up the Green Teams at Hewlett Packard in Bristol, before becoming HP Ltd.’s, full-time environmental specialist and ISO14001 auditor.

He now focuses all his time on cost-saving through carbon management, Environmental Management Systems, and resource efficiency.

Combining his background as a developer and his passion for the environment, Simon developed the Three CCC's calculators, a sophisticated carbon tracking system. He is now regarded as one of the leaders in carbon tracking in the UK, regularly providing his insights for high profile events. 


Martyn Bromley

Commercial Director

Martyn came into the sustainability industry after a lifetime career in aerospace engineering project management. He has worked with key aerospace organisations including BAe Systems, Airbus, GE, and the Ministry of Defence He has covered many disciplines such as aircraft design, development and manufacturing as well as, engine, airframe and systems maintenance. 

Martyn has a deep understanding of the commercial aviation market and the growing number of initiatives in the aviation industry to reduce emissions.

Within Carbon Lens, he is focussed on cost-saving through carbon management and accounting, Environmental Management Systems, and resource efficiency. Combining his background in engineering and project management and his passion for the environment.

Start Your Carbon Journey

We help all organisations reach carbon neutrality, no matter their size or sector

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