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Simplify your carbon management


Carbon Lens use a range of carbon footprint calculation tools formulated over many years’ experience in the sustainability industry.

Developed in house, these include:


Carbon Tracker

A fully comprehensive calculator developed

to analyse complex sets of data.


Data Collator

Designed to calculate full scopes 1, 2, and 3 carbon footprint.


C- Estimator

A simple tailored calculator for small business.


Carbon Lens calculate carbon footprint and

identify key areas to target for the most effective

reductions and show KPIs


Total company carbon footprint

Emissions per 12-month period for ongoing comparisons


Carbon intensity

Emissions per £ of turnover or energy use. This enables a

business to demonstrate improved relative performance even as output grows.

Particularly useful in post pandemic recovery.


Product or service carbon footprint

Emissions created by one product or service.


Embedded carbon in buildings or capital equipment

Carbon emitted in raw materials, construction and assembly


Carbon Budget

Measure of performance relative to businesses or similar size

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The Carbon Lens methodology uses up to date UK Government and globally accepted Green House Gas (Updated 2021) protocols to calculate the total Carbon Footprint and determine carbon Intensity of any business, anywhere in the world

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