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Product and service life cycle analysis 

Increasingly, procurement in large corporations, public administration bodies and consumers require information on the sustainability credentials, of the products and services they buy. The requirements include data on lifecycle carbon emissions through the product's life and embedded carbon in the completed project. In many cases, it is now a condition of contract award.


The Carbon Lens Product Carbon Lifecycle Assessment assesses the total “Cradle to Grave” carbon emissions and embedded carbon of a product throughout its lifecycle. From the moment it is envisaged to final disposal and end of life.

Stages of the process include:


  • Design

  • Development and prototyping

  • Management of the project

  • Gathering, sourcing of raw materials

  • Manufacturing, construction or service provision

  • Storage and distribution

  • Use

  • Disposal and end of life

  • Shipping and transport at each stage


Our tools can be applied to


  • Manufactured products

  • Sustainable products

  • Construction projects such as buildings 

  • Services such as marketing, legal, finance

  • Agriculture

  • Fashion products

  • Sport

  • Retail

  • Aviation operations and services

  • Transport operations

  • Leasing operations

 ..and many more.

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