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PPN 06/21

Guidance and support with PPN 06/21 Compliance

Many national and local government agencies such as the NHS, education authorities, local councils and ministries require contractors bidding for contracts over £5 million pounds to comply with Procurement Policy Note 06/21.


This means measuring Scope 1, 2 & partial Scope 3 emissions and demonstrating that they have a carbon reduction plan with reduction projects. Consequently, many prime contractors are asking subcontractors to also comply with PPN 06/21.

Click here for more detail on PPN 0621 or WPPN 0621 compliance. and the PPN 0621 template, 


Carbon Lens provides expert PPN 0621 technical guidance on the preparation of a PPN 0621 carbon reduction plan
Contact us at to find out how we can guide you on how to comply with PPN 0621.

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