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Net Zero 

Carbon reduction planning to achieve Net Zero Emissions

Net Zero Definition

To reach a state of net-zero companies must actively reduce emissions and counterbalance the impact of any emissions that remain when a target year before 2050 is reached.

Net Zero vs Carbon Neutral

A company achieves Carbon Neutrality by balancing its emissions for a given period by offsetting using a verified scheme. It does not necessarily reduce emissions to the atmosphere. A Net Zero strategy involves actively reducing emissions over a defined period of time before 2050.

Science Based Targets

Carbon Lens work with businesses to plan a Net Zero strategy aligned with the principles of the Science Based Targets Initiative - SBTi. This defines targets and criteria aimed to reduce carbon emissions sufficiently to keep global warming to under 1.5°C by 2050.

Carbon Lens provides expert technical guidance on the preparation of a Net Zero strategy and carbon reduction plan with positive actions and technologies that will help the definition of and actions towards achieving net zero targets

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Start Your Carbon Journey

We help all organisations, no matter the size or industry reach carbon neutrality

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