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Complying with PPN 0621 Carbon Reduction Plans (CRP) for NHS Suppliers

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Effective from April 2023, this requires all suppliers of new contracts of £5 Million in value to publish a carbon reduction plan (CRP) for their emissions that align with the requirements of the UK Government’s Procurement Policy Note PPN 0621. From April 2024 this will apply to all suppliers on contracts of any value.

NHS England have specified the following roadmap for suppliers,

From April 2022: all NHS procurements will include a minimum 10% net zero and social value weighting.

From April 2023: for all contracts above £5 million per annum, the NHS will require suppliers to publish a Carbon Reduction Plan

From April 2024: the NHS will extend the requirement for a Carbon Reduction Plan to cover all procurements.

From April 2027: all suppliers will be required to publicly report targets, and emissions and publish a Carbon Reduction Plan.

From April 2028: new requirements will be introduced overseeing the provision of carbon footprinting for individual products supplied to the NHS.

From 2030: suppliers will only be able to qualify for NHS contracts if they can demonstrate their progress.

The NHS expects suppliers to set a long-term target to be Net Zero by 2045.

Carbon Lens provide expert PPN 0621 technical guidance on the preparation of a PPN 0621 carbon reduction plan that complies with the requirements of NHS,

Contact us at to find out how we can guide you on how to comply with PPN 0621.


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