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Product Lifecycle Carbon Footprint - Cradle to Grave Carbon Emissions

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Carbon Lens are proud to help more and more companies are measure and analyse their carbon emissions and setting policies and procedures and introduce technologies to reduce emissions and work toward becoming carbon neutral.

We are now seeing an increasing trend in analysing carbon emission of individual products or services throughout their lifecycle, from “Cradle to Grave”. This is being driven by customers and stakeholders who want to understand the carbon content and emissions in their investments and supply chain.

With our unique range of in-house tools and expertise, Carbon Lens can examine the carbon footprint of a full “Cradle to Grave” product lifecycle from inception, through raw material acquisition, provision of equipment, production and processes, construction, distribution and storage, product use and then end of life disposal.

This approach can be applied successfully to identify aspects that be directly controlled or indirectly influenced across the whole lifecycle to reduce the emissions and embedded carbon associated with any particular product or service. It can be applied to any type or size of the product, be it a manufactured item, food products, a building for a school or hospital, an advertising campaign or even an aircraft engine overhaul.

Contact us at to find out how you can use our process to analyse and reduce individual product emissions and demonstrate measurable reductions to your stakeholders.

Let’s work together to help reach net-zero.


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