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Aviation sector is ‘willing, ready and committed’ to net zero by 2050

Great to see the aviation industry making increasing commitments to achieving Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

There is a significant focus on the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and more efficient aircraft

However, to achieve true Net-Zero in the timescale, all aspects of the entire industry need to start planning for decarbonisation now. Flight operations are the biggest emitter, but more focus will be needed on areas such as,

· Airport Operations.

· Manufacturing.

· Supply Chain.

· Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Activities.

· Leasing and Finance.

· Logistics.

Pressure from above on businesses throughout the supply chain will start to increase and companies will be required to declare their decarbonisation plans in order to retain or win new business. This is already happening in other sectors such as automotive (eg Volvo), rail (HS2) and retail.

Businesses in the sector who start now by measuring and understanding their carbon footprint will be ahead of the curve in the industry but will also realise other benefits,

· Cost-saving. Where most carbon is emitted is almost certainly where spend is highest. Rising energy costs make this more urgent than ever.

· Winning Business. More and more companies and government agencies are making sustainability a factor in procurement decisions.

· Funding and Investment. Banks and investors are increasingly seeing sustainability as a risk/Opportunity.

· Public Relations & Marketing. Publicising sustainability goals and reporting achievements.

· Social and Environmental. Helping to Reduce Society’s Carbon Emissions and Waste.

At Carbon Lens, we have many years of working with businesses to measure, analyse, and reduce their carbon footprint and implement environmental management systems. This, coupled with our wide experience in the aerospace sector gives Carbon Lens a unique perspective and ability to provide emission reduction solutions to the aviation supply chain.

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