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Starter Footprint Package for SMEs

After much development testing in practice with SMEs and micro-businesses, Carbon Lens now offers a revised low-cost consultancy package to provide advice and produce a high-level carbon footprint.

Carbon Lens staff have been advising businesses of all sectors on environmental management, emissions calculation and reduction for over 15 years. Our starter package has been developed from that experience and provides an initial picture of the scale of your business's climate impact and a road map for your carbon reduction journey.

The package includes,

· Initial one-hour consultation explaining the carbon footprint process

· Explanation of emissions and scopes

· Simple template to enter high-level data

· High-level carbon footprint report and action plan

· Advice on the first steps to reduce your emissions and climate impact.

· Introduction to selected solution providers if required

£395 Plus VAT

Note: This initial analysis is not sufficient to become verified Carbon Neutralor Net-Zero.

However, it will introduce the topics and processes involved and provide a high-level footprint

To find out more, contact Martyn Bromley #

Email: Tel: +44 (0)7951815020


Start Your Carbon Journey

We help all organisations, no matter the size or industry reach carbon neutrality

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