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Webinar: Reducing emissions in aviation: Is zero carbon aviation possible?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Martyn Bromley and Dr Simon Forsyth of Carbon Lens addressed the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management on 10th February 2021 discussing the Reduction of emissions in the aviation industry.

"Dr. Simon Forsyth opened the webinar, providing an overview on how businesses can measure and manage their total carbon emissions. Dr. Forsyth examined all aspects of operations, including energy use, business processes, transport and supply chains.

The second of our speakers, Martyn Bromley, discussed how emissions can be reduced in aviation.

The commercial aviation industry is currently coming under extreme social and commercial pressure to improve its performance on emissions and sustainability. The talk examined the short and long-term initiatives being developed, both by large operators and manufacturers and by creative start-ups, to improve sustainability and carbon footprint throughout the aviation industry. These range from changes to ground and flight operations to radical new aircraft and engine designs, such as hybrid-electric (currently in development) and the very real challenges the industry faces to bring these to fruition."

Watch the full video here!

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